W.B. and Bonnie bid fond farewell
to Trio with final event in Santa Fe

Last gig for Trio treats crowd to new music

W.B. (Bruce) Reid and Bonnie Zahnow performed in Santa Fe, New Mexico in August, 2009, without Lee for what was on the books as the last gig for the Lee Stripling Trio. The Southwest Pickers Festival, also known as the 34th annual Santa Fe Bluegrass and Old Time Music Festival, drew local, regional and national artists. Some were Lee's long-time supporters, others were new to the music.

Winging My Way home showings

Watch this space for upcoming showings of "Winging My Way Back Home: The Stripling Fiddle Legacy," which debuted in almost final form in Belk, Alabama, in November. Once music rights are secured, the film will hold its second debut in the Seattle area.

Upcoming events for W.B. and Bonnie

To keep following the talented W.B. (Bruce) and Bonnie, please visit their website.

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Trick fiddling
a treat for all

Lee delights young audiences in particular with a “trick fiddle” version of “Pop Goes the Weasel,” playing the fiddle on his head, behind his back or with the bow between his knees. For the finale, Lee and Robert used to toss their bows to each other across the stage.